Go Cloud Strategy

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3 ways to Go Cloud

Single Function Cloud

If your organization is in need of a new application but you cannot source this on your current IT infrastructure. It is possible you just adapt a single application from the cloud and connect it to you existing IT infrastructure.

GxP-Cloud - Go Cloud Strategy - Single Function Cloud
GxP-Cloud - Go Cloud Strategy - Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Not all organizations can migrate fully to a cloud based solution. Investments made in the past can prevent a company to move entirely to the cloud. We see a lot of companies invested in legacy applications in the past which are not suitable for a cloud migration. A hybrid solution is the way to go if your company wants to start using the benefits off the cloud.

Full Cloud

This strategy is used by companies which already have adapted cloud partially and want to fully adapt all the benefits of the Cloud. The last application are replaced by cloud variants or are already replaced. These transitions are often very successful because of the gained experience with cloud infrastructure in the past.

GxP-Cloud - Go Cloud Strategy - Full Cloud

The Approach

GxP-Cloud - Go Cloud Strategy

Step 1 – Mapping your requirements

Choosing the correct cloud platform is crucial to a successful cloud adaptation. Knowing what you need in a cloud platform and what you don’t need will give clarity in the available options. To create a solid overview, you will need to define what is important in terms of availability, performance, capacity, cost control, risk management and compliancy.

GxP-Cloud - Go Cloud Strategy

Step 2 – Taking the right actions

Minimizing the impact on your operation is key in a successful deployment. The risk assessment will deliver insight and help create a solid test script. Implementing new technologies will challenge your organization, during deployment all stakeholders need to be involved to ensure tests are done successfully.

The success of your cloud migration project is defined by how users experience the transition into the new cloud solution. A proper onboarding and user adoption is necessary to create a positive user experience. Ease of use is important for every user of the new system, make sure this is part of your chosen solution.

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