GxP-Cloud Management Console

Enabling continuous cloud compliance with out-of-the-box compliancy

The GxP-Cloud Management Console allows you to easily configure private cloud infrastructure: VMs, VSAN, networking and firewalls.

Fast scaling your multi-tenant SaaS environment or deploy a blueprinted single-tenant SaaS environment for the demanding customer and available in no-time.

With GxP-Cloud you master your own cloud infrastructure: switch on or deploy additional server(s), add processing power, increase storage capacity or change history and availability profiles.

Monitor progress and performance, generate QA documents real-time while leveraging the latest cloud technology. How you need it when you need it.

GxP-Cloud Management Console laptop

Download qualifaction documents in real-time

The major advantage for QA: real-time qualification with no effort at all. The available documentation is GxP compliant, audit ready by being downloadable and printable at all times, and it reflects detailed information of the current status of the entire IVE including all components of the IVE and changes applied to it.

> What is an IVE?

gxp cloud console qualification documents

Deploy a GxP compliant cloud environment in seconds

Start your deployment with one of the predefined templates and customize your environment according to your requirements.

add network
deploy virtual machine

What is an IVE?

When talking about your ‘Isolated Virtual Environments’ we are referring to your private subnets that are configured during deployment via the GxP-Cloud Console. These can be isolated by your own manageable Firewall appliance.

After deployment through the GxP-Cloud Console your Isolated Virtual Environment is ready for applying your last personal security and access policies. Then you are ready to get started with your desired use of the environment.

Isolated Virtual Environment example structure

Example structure of an Isolated Virtual Environment

Don’t get lost in endless processes

Make life easier with a fully intuitive GxP-Cloud Console with all necessities available in a couple clicks. Decrease the time from login to execution of your task.

Enable continuous cloud compliance

Access real-time generated qualification documents of the current cloud status.

automated gxp compliance qualification documents

Make cloud qualification
faster, easier and more predictable


Of pharmaceutical manufacturers will adapt automation in the next two years


Compliant changes made with the GxP-Cloud Console each month


Average yearly growth for users of the GxP-Cloud Console

Save 1 day

Per 300 downloaded qualification documents